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Bars in Great Britain

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178 bars in Great Britain

Bars in Liverpool
The Cavern Club
This is where the Beatles made their debut. The band played at the Cavern Club 292 times between 1961 and 1963. This is also where the producer Brian Einstein saw the Beatles for the first time. The original club was demolished in 1973, but was rebuilt almost from its original location with the same pattern with a small stage at the end of the room. The original detergent odor was even reproduced! Many groups have come to play (including the Arctic Monkeys and the new British rock scene). There is live music on Monday and Thursday evenings, and Friday and Saturday afternoons. There are DJs on Friday and Saturday nights.
Bars in London
Ten Bells
A London pub with an alleged founding date of 1752. It's very famous because it was inhabited by the famous Jack the Ripper, as well as some of his prostitute victims. It was used to shoot the film about the same character From Hell, starring Johnny Depp, recreating the original atmosphere of the pub. It's worth having a pint there, especially at night. There is even talk of a sinister ghost - who knows.
Bars in London
Icebar London
It's not easy to stay half an hour inside, because of the cold. A bar for lovers of cold and ice. I'm Southern, of tapas and cold beer, it's still interesting to see how your feet stick to the floor, with ice sculptures around and see everyone with blue Eskimos hoods ...
Bars in Liverpool
The Philarmonic Dining Rooms
If you want to have a pint in a typical English pub, this is the place. You can also enjoy some good English food. While in the pub make sure you take a trip to the men's room, it's richly decorated with marble and it's very luxurious. Worth checking out.
Bars in Belfast
The Crown Liquor Saloon
It may not be the best pub in the world, as its website claims, but it sure is very nice and it has a great atmosphere, with a dark interior and booths dating back to the Victorian era. Renovated and restored several times from 1885 onwards, it's a great example of a Victorian bar with beautiful wooden interiors made by Italian craftsmen. It has been used as a set in many movies.
Bars in Nottingham
Trip to Jerusalem Inn
Although the name of inn, currently an English pub, which means you can drink and eat at certain hours. The pub is next to a castle - it's Britain's oldest inn (posada), which is no doubt dates from 1189. Its original name, written in 'Middle English' would be 'Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem' in Medieval English. It's a curious place, perfect for a good pint after a visit to the castle and includes a legend, when it was founded it was stopping place for gentlemen starting their way to Jerusalem, at the time of cross- King Richard himself "Lionheart". A really charming place for a break.
Bars in Manchester
The Shakespeare Public House
At the heart of the lively city of Manchester, I found a pub that was typically English. The architecture is amazing, and its name? The Shakespeare. The contrast between this pub and the city's modern buildings is huge. It's an homage to the past, when the Public House was a cultural centre, more than just a bar to drink in. Everything here reminds us of the city's past and it's without doubt one of the most picturesque places where we can have a drinks break in.
Bars in Edinburgh
Mathers Bar
Many tourists come to Edinburgh to stay at the castle, to browse the shops, and to share an ale or a beer at night with the people in the city. Mather's is in the lively West End, in the west of Edinburgh, behind the castle. It is a fairly inexpensive and traditional bar, one of the most famous in the city. The cuisine is traditional Scottish - English, find the famous haggis, a sheep lung filled with guts, herbs, and it sounds disgusting but it's pretty good, is usually served with potatoes and turnips. They also serve a very good steak pie which is a meat pie and a cake but covered with dough on top. There is quite an extensive list of beer, cider, and ale, so you are sure to find something you like. Beer is served all day, and the prices are reasonable. The servers were very nice and the people in the bar too, always willing to talk.
Bars in London
The Clarence
The place is very nice and in a very busy area, it has a few tables on the sidewalk, classic English glass windows, typical plants and flowers hanging on balconies at the front and its 's very warm and cozy inside. Though it was quite cool and cloudy we preferred to sit outside and watch people because it's often more fun especially when one doesn't know the place. We ordered rich cold beers and ham and cheese toasted sandwiches and although prices were not very reasonable the beer and kind attention well worth it. We were recommended to eat fish and chips but left quickly because there was still plenty to see. It has free WIFI service and live music shows every other Thursday.
Bars in Rotherham
Cross Keys
The Cross Keys is a pub whose name refers to cross-shaped keys. It is in the center of Rotherham in the area where there are more restaurants and bars than shops. It is adjacent to the city council but it's still in a residential neighborhood and is a nice place to go out at night. The lunch menus are good. The portions are generous and won't cost you more than six pounds. They also make ale, a type of traditional home brew. On Sunday evenings, there are usually live bands. They also do the traditional Quiz Night where you form a group and answer general knowledge questions. If you win, they give you glasses, shirts, etc. Rotherham isn't generally the happiest city in the world as it's an old industrial town that suffered during the crisis, but it's an interesting place to visit.
Bars in London
Ye Olde Mitre
This pub is one of London's best kept secrets. It cannot be classified as a gastropub, because the only thing you'll find there are people who work in London City, who are stopping by to have a beer after work. It opened in 1546, but was demolished and rebuilt in 1772. It is difficult to find, because it is completely surrounded by houses. You have to enter through a sort of hole in a wall that leads to the alley in which it is located. You will not find anything more authentic, nothing so English.
Bars in London
The Clachan
The lovely traditional pub The Clatchan is one of the busiest in Soho. The atmosphere after office hours is spectacular. As is usually crowded inside it's very common to have a drink on the sidewalk, talking to a lot of unknown English people. The Clatchan is famous for its great atmosphere but mostly for its variety of excellent beers.
Bars in Bristol
The Coronation Tap
This is a small pub tucked away, near the Suspension Bridge. In addition to daily live music (especially jazz and rock), it serves a unique cider, called Exhibition Cider, which is probably one of the best (and the strongest at almost 12%) ciders to try. It's served at room temperature in half pints. A must!
Bars in London
Museum Tavern
What better than to have a beer, or two, in a typical English pub at end the day? After the delights and treasures of the British Museum we went straight to the pub, which is just opposite the museum. It was warm and just entering the aroma of beer invaded our senses. We sat at the bar and asked for advice, and so began our beer tasting, blonde and black paraded through our glasses, we even had the green Saint Patrick's Day beer. The absence of bubbles and the bitter and sweet flavors made them perfect candidates for repetition.
Bars in Sheffield
The Howard Sheffield
Located on Howard Street in front of the railway station of Sheffield, The Howard is a lovely pub-restaurant found in an old building. Before the pubs were used as big houses, and underneath there was the common room to eat and have a drink. On the first or second floor lived the owners and from time to time there were some guest rooms. Howard is a typical building, with apparent wooden pillars and a fireplace which make it very cozy. But now it is a modern place, with its giant screen for the games, the jukebox to play the music you like, the pool table and quiz machines.These are machines where you put a coin in, hoping to win millions, similar to those in Las Vegas. They are very popular in England. Prices are cheap, to 2 pounds a pint of beer, and the food is decent but nothing special. Thanks to that fact that it is also near the University, there is a good atmosphere during the school year.
Bars in London
The White Horse
The White Horse is on Newburgh street, a street parallel to the famous Carnaby Street. It's part of Soho where the day is for shopping and the night is for the pubs, bars and nightclubs. It's a quiet place to go with the girlfriend. The music is strong, there are many people, it's very central and attracts the best and worst of London tourism. After 9 pm some have drunk more than reasonable and I don't recommend you go. But the day is nice because it has a terrace and you see the animation of Carnaby Street. The mix of tourists and people who work in the neighborhood helps the atmosphere, a family place where everyone is known and are armed for passionate conversations. But as I said, good for an afternoon beer that isn't too expensive.
Bars in Glasgow
The Sir John Moore
Here there are international beers, great drinks menu, and most importantly there is GINTONIC OF BOMBAY SAPHIRE FOR 2 POUNDS! There is also a family atmosphere and there is always room for people. Recommended also is its half & half half pint of lager beer and malt whiskey, authentic Scottish!
Bars in London
The Three Stags
The Three Stags pub is just outside Waterloo station, leading to the historic district of Lower Marsh. It's very residential but people usually gather here because it's very convenient to reach - the black underground line is a 5 minute walk, Lambeth North being the nearest station. The pub organizes typical events like live music, transmission of rugby and football matches and the famous Quiz Night, where each table is a team answering general knowledge questions to win prizes. The food is pretty good but it's an expensive area so don't expect big portions for your money. Starters cost about 6 pounds, with an assortment of sandwiches and quiches to eat quickly, then the dishes are 8-12 pounds. The waiters are not as pleasant but there's a good atmosphere.
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