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Beaches in Great Britain

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104 beaches in Great Britain

Beaches in Edinburgh
Portobello Beach
It often happens that when I mention the beach in Edinburgh many people doubt what I'm saying, but it does exist in this city, being part of the coast of the Firth of Forth, in the Portobello district, one of my favorite places in Edinburgh, there is the Edinburgh beach and boardwalk/ promenade. The white sand beach is divided by wooden panels by zones and is an area often frequented on the weekends by people of the city, who like to take a walk with their familes, dogs, etc.. Of course it's an ideal place to buy fish and chips to takeaway and enjoy on the beach, with all the stress that usually comes with Edinburgh, being the capital of Scotland, this place is a haven of peace and tranquility with the most romantic and breathtaking sunsets.
Beaches in Brighton
Brighton Beach
Brighton beach has a nice happy atmosphere in the summer, although it can get a bit too busy during a heatwave. The water is cold so I would not recommend swimming, unless you are made of sterner stuff than this reviewer. The nice thing is that there is plenty of other things to do while at the beach, including children's activities, the pier, bars and restaurants and sports facilities.
Beaches in Somerset
Somerset Coast
The coast of Somerset, in southwest England, is a very beautiful region, with cliffs, rough seas and wind. It's almost a little like Ireland. You can discover it by driving or by taking the train with Somerset Railway. It is a very nice route along the coast near Minehead, which is travelled by old trains using diesel or steam. On the coast itself, it's best to go walking and cycling and of course there's the beach for swimming. But there are many people who come to surf windsurf. Villages along the coast include Dunster, Minehead and Porlock. They are mostly ancient villages with fine buildings and charming hotels. The guest houses are also well developed in the region and are quite cheap. You can eat well and stay in a double room for less than 50 euros per night. It is better to rent a car than to try to do it by train and bus, you lose a lot of time and can miss remote places that are worth visiting. In Bristol or Taunton you will find rental agencies.
Beaches in Whitby
Whitby Beach
I visited this place way back in 2006. We walked up to the Abbey in time for the sunset. There wasn't much light so I rested my tiny 4 mp compact camera on a fence and took a quick picture of the harbour. It came out with some amazing colours and the grass blades in front of it added to the composition.
Beaches in Newquay
I was here last year, at first I thought this was a resort town for teenagers, but if you go further, there are amazing places. Near here is the beginning of the Camel Trail which is a long bike ride along the same journey the train used to take at the time of the miners. Most of the route is along the coast or the river and it's worth doing.
Beaches in Dorset
Durdle Door
Early morning sunrise in Dorset.
Beaches in Ullapool
Durness is a small village in northwestern Scotland located in one of the many remote and sparsely populated areas of the country. From Durness you can walk to the Smoo Cave which is the most-popular attraction in the area. Overlooking the sea, the village has spectacular views of the coast and Sango Bay. Only 400 people live here but they are very hospitable. There is also a large Celtic memorial cross to see. It's recommended to rent a car to visit the area.
Beaches in Dover
Dover Beach
I was on the beach with my father and brothers watch some fish and chips, so many seagulls.
Beaches in Padstow
Constantine Bay
Constantine Bay is one of the first towns in Cornwall where 'surf tourism' has exploded and maybe that's why visiting the bay leaves me flabergasted. I also find it quite amazing that people combining old fishing boats with sport in wetsuits and boys in training. The thing is, in Constantine Bay, running table is so important that it's even a school subject. If you walk along the sea towards the south, you come to a sector that because of its desolation it should be unfavorable for surfing, and opens a pew full of lovely coast and poetry. I recall thinking, in this town there is something for everyone!
Beaches in Saint Andrews
Beaches of St. Andrews
Saint Andrews is certainly one of the most popular locations on the east coast of Scotland, there is no shortage reasons: for one, it's the home of golf, which was founded here in the prestigious university. It's also the largest and oldest in Scotland (and among the most valued the UK) and for his landscapes, especially coastal, i.e. its beach. There he shot the famous scenes from the film "Chariots of Fire" ('Chariots of Fire'), best remembered for the music of the Greek genius Vangelis. White sand beaches and a sea so blue, as clean as cold water, extending northward, in what amounts to a suggestive and quiet ride, accompanied by wind, waves, some birds and even some brave dare to take a dip in mid-February (see image - 3 ° C). Part of St. Andrews you can't help but soak it all in.
Beaches in Aberdeen
Aberdeen Beach
My friend decided to pose when I was at the beach!
Beaches in Dundee
Broughty-Ferry Beach
In British society, the term suburb, does not denote any marginality it applies to populations near another main area, in Spanish it could be called a perdania or neighborhood. This is the case of Broughty Ferry with respect to Dundee City. Located on the River Tay estuary, one of the most important and largest in Scotland, we found a lovely beach in this suburb which, when the weather permits, is quite busy. It is next to the pier and the castle and is a nice place to spend the day with a pleasant promenade. In contrast, the waters are not ideal for bathing, first because of the coolness and secondly for being an estuary with very dangerous currents. The latter means that, in a favorable way, it is particularly suitable for sea fishing, especially for species such as bass (in Andalusia called snook). This beach, like others, is used as a recreational area for walking with family and/or pet and where children end up coated in sand - ultimately another example of a beach in Scotland!
Beaches in Jersey
Greve de Lecq
If you're going to be vacationing on Jersey island you should take a little time to go north of the island to admire the strike Lecq. This place is very popular with tourists because this is the beach that was used by fishermen for centuries. Therefore, the colonies colonized the island of Sark in 1585. It is a perfect place to catch your breath and have a little change of pace. It's easily accessible by bus from St Helier all day, or car, with plenty of parking nearby (but beware of the ducks crossing the street!). There is also a bar that serves food.
Beaches in Whithorn
Beaches of the Whithorn Islands
The natural outlet to the sea of ​​Whithorn is called the Isle of Whithorn, which was where St. Ninian actually resided in a cave. We're talking about a few miles of fairly uninhabited beaches which are secluded and quiet which always has its charm. The views are nice and if we walk along these beaches we can notce the changing landscape. If you're lucky you can see seals and native birds. Another of those places to get lost in.
Beaches in Barry
Barry Beach
In South Wales, near the capital Cardiff, lies the small town of Barry, where you can walk along a beach which is very nice and very clean. If you're lucky the sun will appear. When we went it was December. With lovely beach residential areas with sea views, it's a good place to get lost in the friendly Welsh countryside.
Beaches in Tobermory
Calgary (Mull Island)
Almost fused with the mountain and the same tiny, single path road, we come to the Calgary area (before the Canadiene) just at the other end of the island. Also known as Mull Island. Tobermory is in the East and in the West Calgary but at the same height, north of the island. There are a few scattered houses and groups of people in a small picnic area or rest. Behind them, you'll see the white sands of Calgary, looking to the Outer Hebrides. The waters are cold there, but crystal clear. We were by ourselves on the beach and there was a silence only disturbed by the crashing of the waves and the occasional seagull. Can we really think that the 21st century is possible to get lost in places where the strange thing is the presence of other people. We left happy, that's for sure.
Beaches in Aberystwyth
The Welsh coast is perhaps one of the lesser known areas of Britain but it is very charming. I recommend the town of Aberystwyth, on the eastern side of the Welsh coast. One of the most beautiful areas of this town is the promenade. The beaches are stony and the sea water is cold, however, July can be a very good time to enjoy this beautiful area. You will see the ruins of the ancient castle, which is now a beautiful park.
Beaches in Sunderland
Sunderland Beaches
In Sunderlad, close to Newcastle, but rivals with them because of football, past the miners and shipyard where they almost disappear is where you'll find a magnificent beach that's divided into several different sections by breakwaters. It's next to a charming boardwalk to the Spanish and British promenades (which is not exactly the same). The dryness of the urban landscape stops in this marvelous place that seems like it was taken from a quieter area and then dropped here to break the industrial landscape. A wonderful walk on the pier leads you to the lighthouse and from there, the views of the city, are simply beautiful.
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