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Rivers in Great Britain

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68 rivers in Great Britain

Rivers in London
Greenwich to Westminster by Boat
Not for the world would I miss this spectacular catamaran ride (or cruise) down the Thames. Actually, you can take the boat and go from Westminster to Greenwich Pier, I've done it both ways and it's a thousand times better to do the opposite, especially in the evening when the light is perfect for taking photos. From the catamaran you see London in a different way. It's like going into its depths and feeling its history - old docks impregnated with moss, large red brick factories, bridges on impressive columns and landmarks viewed from another profile. I took the attached photos from a catamaran.
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Rivers in London
The River Thames
The City of London rose on the banks of the River Thames, which divides it into north and south and supplies it with water, but generally unknown is that this river passes through Oxford and flows into the North Sea. In the 60's a special policy of cleaning the river began (as it was highly polluted, to the point that all species disappeared living in it) and 115 types of fish live within it, including salmon. There's more: London police found an average of 300 bodies a year on it, mostly from suicide or drunks, some victims of crimes, as in the Hitchcock film Frenzy . From the London Eye you have spectacular views of the river and the city.
Rivers in Birmingham
Birmingham Canals
However as you venture further away they deteriorate rather quickly.
Rivers in Bath
River Avon
The Avon River, on its way through Bath, is where it becomes more beautiful. There it merges with the architectural elements of the city and visual phenomena that occurs when the channel is lower (still fairly large). The river's name in Welsh, which is where it comes from etymologically, means river, so it was literally a river called River before (although the whole valley shares the same name of Avon). It is especially nice in the Bath area known as "Putteney Palladian Bridge", which is probably the most iconic bridge in the city. You must see it.
Rivers in London
The River Thames
I went to visit my friend who lived there and strolling along the river we saw this peculiar scene - a young woman who demonstrated his skill by a paltry pounds, but not only that, the original characterization is peculiar in that framework.
Rivers in Glasgow
Clyde River
It was a midsummer's evening with several hours of daylight left. It was stunning to see the threatening clouds in the sky over Glasgow. The reflection of the buildings in the river created an interesting effect on the turbulent waters and the white glow of the sun hidden behind clouds further helped create a spooky effect and off this Scottish city. Soon after, obviously, it began to rain, but this was recorded with a walk along the river by this industrial city.
Rivers in Guildford
River Wey
This peculiar named river is a tributary of the Thames in southern England. It mainly flows through the Community of Surrey, southwest of the capital. It's a little river, with an average width of 5-6 meters. Still, the river is navigable most of the time. Many owners bring their boats from London to the small towns that have been established along the river. It's a nice experience to sail a typical long and narrow, colourful boat through the shallow waters of the river. Every so often it's necessary to cross locks, which are more than two centuries old. These locks were built due to the unevenness of the waters. It was necessary to have these artificial barriers to obtain deeper, calmer waters to have a navigable river. Aside from navigation, many people practice rowing, an activity that is sponsored in larger towns such as Guildford and Woking. Fishing is also important, for both fish and crayfish.
Rivers in Liverpool
The Mersey River
Liverpool is a very interesting city. Its buildings show a long history of trade and times full of wealth. I think it's easy to get lost while you're wandering the streets admiring the buildings and observing the history and their stories. Later on it occurred to me that all the grandeur and architectural splendor and fame of this important port is due to the River Mersey. And so, when you walk downhill and first see the great size of this river and the force of the current, you'll really understand the fame, ships and sailors, freight charges and departing arriving slaves.
Rivers in Bridge of Allan
Forth River
The Forth River is one of the largest in Scotland. It´s 47 km long and has played a major role in Scottish history. The most important victories against the British owes thanks to the strategic location of this river. This river literally splits the central part of Scotland into two, as it begins not far from the West Coast and its estuary, where it merges with the sea of Edinburgh and then reaches its imposing dimensions. In pre-medieval and medieval times it was the true frontier of Scotland, separating the country from England and Dalriada (a country that existed long ago). The river itself offers many spectacular landscapes including the gorgeous Bridge of Allan near Stirling. It occasionally comes out of its banks however and creates more of a problem as it floods football fields and other roads. The river is one of the most important and beautiful ´natural monuments´ in Scotland.
Rivers in Huntly
River Deveron
Just behind the enchanted castle of Huntly is where the Deveron River passes. It's the largest river in the country (about 75 miles long), but it's one of the most beautiful and picturesque, especially if you get to visit it from the castle. This river is pretty famous because of its abundance of salmon, the fifth most plentiful in Scotland, and the different paths that can be taken along its banks. Some brave people even swim here in the summer, of course. The paths are recommended as bucolic and wild as we walk as we delve into the nature of the Highlands and landscapes are more spectacular. Also, the noise lessens and the beauty increases. It's one of those perfect places to get lost or disappear for a few hours.
Rivers in Sunbury
Sunbury on Thames
No night life although several river pubs to enjoy a pint
Rivers in Richmond upon Thames
Richmond Riverside
At Richmond Riverside you can take a nice walk along the river Thames. You can rent canoes, boats or just take a walk and enjoy the views. On Sundays it's full of people who are walking and playing sports. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can stop to have a drink or some lunch without being rushed.
Rivers in London
Thames Path
In the heart of London, along the south shore of the Thames, there is a nice walkway passing by Tower Bridge, the Tate Modern, Shakespeare's Globe Theater, the London Eye, etc. It offers a breathtaking view of the city and St. Paul's Cathedral in Westminster. Great for both day and night. Lots of street artists.
Rivers in Worcester
Severn River
The Severn River is the longest river in the United Kingdom, and it's more than 350 kilometers long. Start Plynlimon, in the mountains of Cabria, Wales. It then passes through the counties of Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Shropshire. It is also the country's largest river the water level debit. The name would come from Sabrina Severn, one nymph that sank and died in the river. Now the river goddess. The river is depicted as a sea horse on the strength of its tides. At the height of Gloucester and Worcester, you can spend an afternoon on the water, which is the lovely experience of embarking on board a tourist boat that will take you on a tour that lasts a couple of hours on the river, or rent a small motor boat. There are also plenty of bars along the water if you're feeling like you need some lunch or just a pint ;-)
Rivers in Dalguise
Tay River
In the heart of Scotland and crossing the green land is the river Tay. One of the quietest areas is located near Dalguise (Dunkeld), near a bridge that, from afar, looks like an old fortress. Sheep, cows and horses, along with the big fish, are your neighbours here. Many people come to fish here. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind. If the Scottish summer allows, you can even sunbathe here.
Rivers in Braemar
River Dee
The River Dee basically cuts the county or district of Aberdeen, from Perth to Aberdeen where it merges with the sea. It is neither the biggest or perhaps the most important, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful and wild. It offers superb views of the Cairngorms Nature Park, where you will often see families fishing or picnicking. Among the locals, the river is known as Royal Deeside and in the late 19th century, Queen Victoria established the area as a summer residence of the British monarchy. In this she revitalised Ballater and of course Balmoral Castle, the favourite residence of the current Queen Elizabeth II. As we advance (from south to north) the river amazingly changes shape and size, which enhances the beauty of everything that surrounds it. Moreover, the city of Aberdeen is named after the river (Aber = Over = About + Deen = Dee). You can sail along the river for about 2-3 days and enjoy charming villages and castles and of course lots of nature.
Rivers in Manchester
Manchester Canals
Nice place to take a walk and have a few beers.
Rivers in Inverness
River Ness
this September, I went to Scotland for the first time, with my family. We landed in the capital and from there we rented a car and drove up to Inverness, passing through villages lost to Scotland's wild and secluded environment. We of course also crossed the lake where legend has it that a monster called Ness is hiding. We did not see it but if you enjoy natural beauty in a foggy mysterious day, you will like this. It is a total A feast for the eyes. After hours of tracking we blanketed the city of Inverness, the first night we walked along the entire river, enjoying the beauty of the reflection of the lights in the water, the castle at the top of the mountain and the bridges crossing along the entire river. We were so pleased just to sit on a bench observing and saying absolutely nothing. It is very peaceful and pleasant.
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