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Unusual Places in Great Britain

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63 unusual places in Great Britain

Unusual Places in Belfast
Belfast Murals
Belfast has plenty of important buildings, but for me, the unforgettable part of my trip were the murals located throughout the center. They may be street art, but they are stunning and harmonize with the surrounding area perfectly. Among the murals you can see a copy of Picasso's Guernica, the artist's famous depiction of the Spanish Civil War.
Unusual Places in Glendale
Neist Point Lighthouse
After walking across half of the Isle of Skye we got to the lighthouse and the truth it was worth the trip. Sitting on the cliffs to see the a sunset is priceless; it's an almost-initiatory experience. A must-see if you visit the Scottish Highlands.
Unusual Places in Portree
Red Hills
As we reach the junction of Sligachan, the best place to leave our car is by the Sligachan Bridge or hotel/pub that shares the same name. If we go to the bridge, to the right of the peaks that make Sligachan, we can see a mountain range, with similar characteristics. In this case we have amazing views of the Red Cuillins Marsco and Sgurr nan Gillean of the Black Cuillins , The mountains are both headed towards the river Sligachan. This is one of the areas for hiking on the island of Skye, offering many routes that are categorized by distance, hardness and requirements. However, it is advisable to walk a bit along the riverbed to appreciate the majesty of this area in general. Another wonder of nature that this amazing island has to offer.
Unusual Places in Portree
Cuillin Mountains
One of the most characteristic mountains, by shape, texture and color on the Isle of Skye, is the mountain range known as Glamaig, but more specifically the peaks known as Red Cuillins, named for the reddish color that becomes more evident at sunset. In these lands almost everything has a Gaelic name (rather than English), as was the case with the most notable summits: Red Cuillin, Beinn Dearg Mhor, Sgurr Mhairi and An Coileach. Its striking striae or cuts that cross are mountains are perhaps what makes them so characteristic. These ridges move to the northern of the island to one of its most colorful, called Sligachan, the place where the last rays of sun change the colors of the landscape completely. Another magnificent example of a corner of the world.
Unusual Places in Blackpool
Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Tower is one of the city's major attractions and landmarks. It was inaugurated in 1894 and its construction was inspired by France's Eiffel Tower. After visiting Paris, the mayor at the time decided to build a similar one in Blackpool, so he raised funds and hired the architects James Maxwell and Charles Tuke to build it. It was remodelled in 1992 and was re-named the World Tower for its second inauguration by Diana of Whales. The tower now includes several attractions, not to mention its height and views. At its base, there's a theatre, an exhibition and a dark 4D room, which is why the entrance fee is so steep. It's better to buy a family ticket if you bring the kids, or if you're going to visit all the attractions of Blackpool, it's best to buy a pass. Undoubtedly, this tower is the true symbol of the city, located several miles away and announcing the approach to the British town of Blackpool.
Unusual Places in Elgin
This is an exciting place. We got there on the best day, it was windy and stormy. It's one of those places I would return to without hesitation. We found it without looking. Its an immense and solitary beach and a fishing village, a perfect place for artists. I was only there for one hour, but will always remember it.
Unusual Places in Portree
Sligachan is a mountainous area in the north of Skye, it is in the direction of Portree, the largest and most important city on the island. However, Sligachan is something else, it is a crossroads of unknown antiquity, is a bridge and also a valley, but mostly it's a place of legend. The shape of the mountains, the clouds and especially their orientation produce climatological effects that make this a special place - the sunsets create a curious optical effect by reflecting the last rays of the sun onto the clouds. The impression given is that everything will turn red. In ancient times this effect meant that this place was considered to be a meeting point of the gods or a place to pay tribute. However, the evil gods seemed more prevalent as on arrival the ancient traveler had to choose whether to go in one direction (Portree) or the other (Sligachan), those who opted for the second option would never be seen again. It is a beautiful place and if it is true it has dream worlds of magic and legends. Don't miss the awesome sunset and, for those who like mountains and landscapes, Sligachan doesn't disappoint.
Unusual Places in Craignure
Pennyghael (Mull Island)
Unusual Places in Llangefni
Landscapes of Anglesey
In North Wales there's the Island Anglesey. It's one of those places where time seems to pass slowly and in which we can safely lose instead of find many visitors who are not in the same area. The rural fishing blends with the historical castles, churches, villages, cliffs, mills, ferries, lighthouses, beaches ... All this and much more is what you will find here which appeals to most. Ideal for sea lovers, this is a good spot to get lost. Also for lovers of the countryside and mountains. Anglesey... Another example of that in the UK there are many places of contrasts.
Unusual Places in Glencoe
Black Mount
After passing through Crianlarich deep in the Highlands, we started climbing towards Glen Coe. At the height of Lake Tulla, we found the first viewpoint (where it's normal to find a piper) overlooking Mount Black. Usually when dealing with organized tours, everything is sold as a Glen Coe tour, which is not true, as the first group we found was the Mount Black region, then Glen Etive and ultimately Glen Coe. In this case, Mount Black (Black Mount State) seen in the images (taken a week ago, and in spring) still has a lot of snow with some accesses still closed off to the public. But from the same road the views are as impressive as they are beautiful. Be careful in winter, you may run the risk of getting stuck, isolated in the area, as the roads are closed during the winter because of the danger involved. It's best to come before the Easter holidays, and experience a bit of everything; sun, snow and safety.
Unusual Places in Stirling
The Back Walk
'The back walk' is a small route in Stirling that follows the old city walls (completed in the sixteenth century), at the back, over the castle. Totally it's fit even for wheelchairs, this hybrid ride-park-gazebo starts from the statue of Rob Roy and leads to almost around the castle by its lower part, in the heart of the city in the garden area called Old Town (Old Town gardens). It overlooks Dumbarton Road, the theater (Albert Hall) along with several churches, mountains (direction of Trossarchs or Loch Lomond) and views over the royal park (King's garden). It's one of the most quiet and for anyone looking for a bit of relaxation in Stirling, this is definitely the place.
Unusual Places in Balloch
Ben Lomond
All who go up the west shore of Loch Lomond, be sure to hit the highest peak on the right to see the best views on the lake, Ben Lomond, nearly 1,000 feet high. The funny thing is that its location on the east face, makes it situated in the Stirling district, but perhaps one of the most remote from the Stirling we can find in the district. It is one of the main attractions of the area or of the most promoted (unless we are mountaineers), as the climb is not easy and not recommended for amateurs. Soon I will post my photos from the top so you can get a better of idea of this place and of the superb views that you can see if you take the challenging hike. It is part of the natural park of Loch Lomond and the Trossarchs. Undoubtedly one of the many wonders of Scotland, in this case, almost entering the Highlands or Highlands.
Unusual Places in Callander
The Girl and the Bull
This is the story of a brave girl. While passing the town of Callander (made famous by Rob Roy), there is a small village called Kilmahog, where some farmers have the famous bull of the Scottish Highlands (called the Aberdeen Angus Bull). The large bull with impressive horns is in a fragile fence, which he could destroy just by kicking it over. While all the adults are thinking about how to get closer to the bull, a little blonde girl appears, with a bag of vegetables (carrots, cabbage, etc.) and approaches the bull. She takes the vegetables and starts feeding and touching the bull. We were so impressed by her that I decided to immortalize her on So pass this along for all those who want to see this type of bull ("hairy Scottish cows"). The girl, not happy with just her work, gave us each a carrot so we could feed the bull like her, which made us more scared than shameful. It was an an example of courage, as well as generosity. You never know when you are going to learn a lesson, but it was worth it.
Unusual Places in Bridge of Allan
The Enchanted Path
The path begins with a dragon-shaped tree that warns the traveler, after this there is the fallen tree that tells us the entrance to the path along the river and avoid at night and in foggy days. After investigating, we come to the origin of the legend, was a story invented for children were not around at night in foggy days and in general, as it was dangerous because of the proximity to the river (in a place where about great strength) and that in ancient times it was easy to get lost in those places. But the reality is that it has been a nice, magical invites the imagination and gives a special charm to this corner.
Unusual Places in Craignure
Lagganulva (Mull Island)
On our return from the Calgary area Craignure, on the scenic route, we came across this interesting site, difficult to describe, partly viewpoint, partly bay cliffs as well as other things that may occur. The truth is that it is a unique and unusual spot, barely populated, with very particular landscapes, among which include a range of mountains with strange pyramid forms, as you go a little further into the area of the locals you will see a place called Loch Scridain (it's actually not a lake but more like a bay, it is seawater open to it). It is the perfect spot to lose yourself as it is beautiful and relaxing.
Unusual Places in Dollar
Glen Dollar
Not far from Stirling, above this village with the interesting name, Dollar, is where you'll find one of the Glen (meaning a valley or ravine, but I can't find an exact Gaelic translation because it refers to glacial formations affecting nature in a specific way). It's probably the most unknown and least visited in all of Scotland. This particular Glen featuring the castle, is in good condition. It's called Campbell Castle. From the highest tower the views are simply breathtaking, especially if you go on a cloudy day, as the Glen rises above the clouds offering great views of everything. I highly recommend this place for those who want to lose yourselves a little bit, or if you're nature lovers. And even the silence is broken only by the whistling wind, birds flying by, or a nearby spring.
Unusual Places in Northumberland
Sky of Lindisfarne
It had always drawn my attention, on Santa, the curious spectacle that offers the sky in that corner of the world. I really do not have a logical explanation, but in most cases, the sky is simply different. You're only 2 or 4 miles away from the island and everything changes. I think it must be its geographical location and orientation, since I can not think of anything else. According to local residents it has always been and it was, for the founder of the island, St. Aidan, a kind of divine sign that this was the site where he had to begin his mission. Again, the talks and legends mix with history, however, it still remains a strange phenomenon and a very appealing one.
Unusual Places in Lindisfarne
Landscapes of Lindisfarne
Lindisfarne offers a variety of landscapes for the traveler to marvel and enjoy. There is more to see than just the people, castle, churches and abbeys. The island is mostly uninhabited and completely virgin. It merges beaches, flowers, wildlife, sea and many other elements that should make us consider splitting our visit to Lindisfarne into at least two days. The first day should be at the Cultural Lindisfarne and the second day at the Natural Lindisfarne. The second day will be especially enjoyed by people that love natural sounds and even the silence ... Enchanted by all those around them, whether acoustic or visually.
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