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Things to do in Germany

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The top 2.513 attractions in Germany

Churches in Berlin
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
Wars are hated for destroying human lives, but the monuments that arise from them are often gems. It is strange and paradoxical to think what is capable of building the human being can be, in turn what can destroy it. This is the case of an architectural structure located in Berlin. It is a Lutheran church called Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial. It was built in memory of Emperor William. You can find it in the very near Breitscheidplatz Tiergarten. Go inside to contemplate the blue light in its purest form, because the walls are covered by more than 20,000 blue crystals. I was really surprised.
Museums in Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie is the name given by the Western Allies to the border established between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. Checkpoint Charlie became a symbol of the Cold War, which led to the division of the two Germanys. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie has become a tourist attraction and gets very busy with tourists visiting.
Shopping Malls in Berlin
Sony Center
Located at Potsdamer Platz, this was completed in 2000 to house the offices of the company Sony in Berlin. It consists of seven buildings in which there are cinemas and offices, restaurants, shops and other entertainment venues. There is a wonderfully futuristic dome that changes colors. It makes you feel like you are in the future because it Displays images, and has elevators and fountains that are futuristic.
Castles in Heidelberg
Heidelberg Castle
Heidelberg Castle is built on Heidelberg, on top of a medieval fortress. For five centuries Heidelberg was the residence of the Electors of the Palatinate Wittelsbach and it was family owned. Between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries the castle was not only built, but it was also expanded, which, in the 16th century, made it one of the most beautiful Renaissance homes in Germany. After the Thirty Years War and the War of 1689 against France, the castle was practically reduced to rubble, losing all of its glory in the process. Today, the ruins are the symbol of German Romantic Era. A visit to the castle is certainly an impressive must-see. I would highlight the [I] Pulveturm [/ I], XIV century tower that was part of the defenses and showing obvious signs of war and lived [I] Englischer Bau [/ I], remains of the building that was built by Federico V for his wife Elizabeth Stuart in the 17th century. The castle is open year round from 8am to 5:30 p.m. Groups and students can get in at a reduced rate. The entrance to the inner part of the castle costs about 6 euros.
Gardens in Munich
Englischer Garten
I am going to share these strange images of famous surfers in the English Garden (English park) in Munich. Although this German town has no beach, if you like surfing you can go to this place and using the force with which the water comes out and the preparation of this part of the canal, you can surf the waves in "Eisbach" a manmade stream, from the Isar River as it passes through Munich.
Of Cultural Interest in Munich
This year I finally was able to go and experience this event known as "The October Festival". I have no words to describe it. It is amazing because there are people everywhere, sharing tables and of course toasting with these jars filled with 1 liter of beer. Each house has a brand of beer, large or important and there are 6. There are also plenty of attractions.The Germans are almost always with a beer in their hand from 9 in the morning, taking the subway, walking the streets, etc. The smaller size is a pint and the largest I have seen is 1 liter. I found rather drunk people but by the surroundings of the fair. The people are very friendly and very attentive. I recommend it to everyone. I'll be back another year.
City Halls in Berlin
Rotes Rathaus
Alexanderplatz ("Alex") is perhaps the busiest square in vibrant Berlin, in it stands the massive red town hall (red for the color of its bricks) and the seat of the Senate and of the Mayor. Alexanderplatz area is very peaceful with a park to rest, the Neptune Fountain is very close and it's next to Nikolai district. Unifying Alexanderplatz has meant that much of the city life has bonded in this spacious plaza. Very close by, in Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, is a Spanish tavern where you can eat well, called Las Olas it's an oasis among bratswurt and mustard.
Rivers in Berlin
Spree River
Getting to Berlin and taking a boat ride on the River Speer is a wonderful experience as you see much of the city from the boat, both ultra modern buildings and old factories that give a special air to Berlin, also the parks. If you're staying for several days it would be interesting to do on arrival as you'll get an overview of the city.
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Historical Monuments in Oranienburg
Sachsenhausen Memorial & Museum
The Sachsenhausen concentration camp, located in the town of Oranienburg, was built by the Nazis in 1936 to confine or massively liquidate political opponents, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, prisoners of war and Jehovah's Witnesses. Approximately 30,000 prisoners of all kinds were killed on this field. We found the place a bit disappointing in some ways because it was very different than what it originally was. On the other hand, though, we learned about some of the actions that were carried out in the death camp, as this also became one in the final stages of the Holocaust.
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Flea Markets in Munich
About two minutes from Marienplatz is a market where you can buy different products ranging from fruit to Christmas decorations. There are also stalls that sell sausages (delicious, huge and cheap) and beer with typical local food. It's a good way to have a quick bite to eat and continue sightseeing.
Museums in Berlin
Neues Museum
A true icon of Classical Greece, the totem of philosophers, as I love Greek art and studied philosophy I was doubly impressed! It's not a question of artistic genius, or of knowing that originally this bust was at the entrance of the Acropolis, Athens. It's that we see the man who revolutionized understanding in the West with his fifth century BC cultural revolution and the man who conceived what we understand by science, art, philosophy, city and citizen. Europe, especially Latin Europe, owes much to Mr. Pericles. The statue (in the Altes Museum) is the only remaining copy of the lost Greek original and it's worth a few minutes to stop and look, its cultural influence is so strong that it shudders a little.
City Halls in Munich
New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus)
This is the new Town Hall and can be found in Marienplatz. It is with a Gothic Revival style and was constructed between 1867 and 1909. Its main facade measures 100m in length and 85m in high, and its tower is one of the largest in Europe. Now I'll give my particular opinion. The building is as grand and beautiful as they come, with typically neoclassical decoration, decorated all to no avail. What most caught my attention are the gargoyles and flower decorations on the outside of it. We also noticed a courtyard, where there is a café where you can have a drink in the evening or enjoy a nice dessert.
Palaces in Potsdam
Sanssouci Palace
Sanssouci Park is full of fresh air thank to its trees and different varieties of flowers. It was the summer Rococo style residence of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. The park contains more than 10 buildings spread over 300 hectares of the park. Two of these include the the tea room and the Roman baths.
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City Halls in Hamburg
Town Hall - Hamburg Rathaus
This photo is from my first visit to Hamburg, Germany and it's the Town Hall or "Rathaus" as it's known in German. You can get there by taking the U3 that will drop you right next to the building. The metro station of the same name is "Rathaus" and it's very easy to get to. Impressive, don't you think? You can visit during day and you'll see some of the rooms of the building, but if your German is not very good, you will not be able to understand most of the explanations and history. Yet the building speaks for itself. Do not hesitate to visit.
Squares in Berlin
The Gendarmenmarkt
The Gendarmenmarkt was initially the central market square of the city of Friedrichstadt. It is now in the center of Berlin, and is one of the most beautiful squares in the city. The French church, built in the eighteenth century by the French Protestants, is opposite the German church. Both have beautiful domes. In the square there is a slightly bohemian feel, with terraces, accordions and street singers. It is a nice place for lunch.
Of Touristic Interest in Berlin
Bus 100
The bus 100 is a convenient and cheap way to explore Berlin, beginning in Alexander Platz and going all over the city, passing by the door of Brademburgo, Parliament, the Tiergarten and ending at the famous Zoo station. The ticket is the same as that of a normal bus, 2.10 euros or 5.60 for a ticket for the whole day, get on and off as you wish. We aim for the front rows of the top floor, but many tourists mean it is not always easy to find a place.
Squares in Berlin
Potsdamer Platz
Undoubtedly the most trendy area of ​​Berlin, and it's very famous for many reasons. This square holds the Berlin Film Festival, better known as the Berlinale, which hands out the Golden Bear for best film of the festival. As a curiosity, this place was where the first traffic light was installed in Europe. You can also see the dome of the Sony Center, designed by Helmut Jahn, a landmark of the new Potsdamer Platz, and visit the Sony Style Store, a multi-storey building with the brand SONY reserved for exhibitions and sales of all its products. You can also enjoy the tower Sony, IMAX 3D cinema and a film library.
Amusement Parks in Rust
Detailed decorations, nice staff and great rides. It’s perfect for families and and groups of friends alike. Has plenty of stuff to do for those ve don’t like rides and, for those ve do, the rides cover a wide range of different intensities. Even the restaurants are fun, inventive and serve good food.